With Formula 1's new brand which was introduced at the end of the 2017 season, one thing really sticks out to me now after two years, and that’s the branding of the feeder categories – Formula 2 and Formula 3. 

The FIA provides the logos and typography for the feeder categories but with the close connection to Formula 1 by sharing the Grand Prix weekend and being heavily promoted by Formula 1 themselves, the branding unfortunately feels disconnected.

Some simple changes will achieve a better brand synergy between Formula 1 and the feeders by using same typography as Formula 1 and following the same overall look.
Filled single colour treatments of the Formula 2 and Formula 3 logos to match alongside the Formula 1 logo

The Formula 3 logo is changed from red to a dark blue to not conflict with Formula 1's warm red and to create a visual ladder from Formula 3 to Formula 2, and finally to the pinnacle of motorsport itself - Formula 1.

Replacing the FIA supplied typeface with the Formula 1 Regular typeface and presenting the feeder championship logo's in the same style as Formula 1 World Championship logo which includes the FIA logo

Formula 2 and Formula 3 event logos in the style of Formula 1

Feel free to read more of my proposal to achieve brand synergy with my blog post on F1 Fan Voice: https://www.f1fanvoice.com/blog/posts/51894

Thank you for viewing my concept!
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